Get notifications from HubSpot

4 min readJan 27, 2023

Connect HubSpot to your Hook.Notifier, receive notifications based on Hubspot events through workflows.


About HubSpot

Hubspot is a comprehensive software platform that includes tools for marketing, sales, and customer service. It offers features such as lead generation, email marketing, analytics, and CRM, and is designed to help businesses of all sizes grow and manage their customer base effectively.

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About Hook.Notifier

Hook.Notifier is a notification collector, it allows you to send, store and organize useful notifications on your phone from various services.

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Receive notifications from HubSpot


The tool being so huge, the possibilities with HubSpot are almost unlimited. In this guide we will work on sending a notification when a user finishes filling out a HubSpot form. Of course, this guide is just a rail to guide you, feel free to take liberties.

HubSpot workflows, the perfect tool to interact with Hook.Notifier

Workflows are a set of tools that allow you to trigger automations based on events taking place on HubSpot, such as when a user performs a conversion, a form is submitted or someone interacts with an ad.

All or part of this guide may be subject to a HubSpot pay-as-you-go plan, so feel free to inquire as to your needs.

1. Creation of the form

We have created a simple contact form, any type of form would be fine.

Our simple form

2. Creation of the workflow trigger

Go to the Automation > Workflows menu and create a workflow from scratch. In our case we start with an empty template from the Contact enrollment type because we want to receive a notification when a user fills our form.

Click on Set up triggers, all kinds of triggers appear, in our case we choose Form submissions then we select our form.

Finally HubSpot wants to know if we should trigger on all pages or on specific pages depending on where you put your form. We will choose all pages to simplify the process.

So we have our trigger! Rather simple, but effective, we do not dwell on all the options, because HubSpot is not stingy. Be curious!

Our HubSpot trigger

3. Sending the notification with the Hook.Notifier webhook

New to Hook.Notifier? We recommend you to read our article “Get started”: (en)

Add a step to your workflow by clicking on the +, select Send a webhook and the POST method.

Let’s move on to your webhook, you can prepare your url with our pre-composer, you can find it on our website, create your notification and copy the pre-composed link to paste it in the Webhook URL field.

Do not select authentication.

Regarding the request body, you can choose to integrate all the data in your notification or customize it. HubSpot is very, very, very talkative about data, we advise you to customize the fields integrated in the notification body or to add the preventData parameter to your configuration.

Our finalized webhook

4. Test and activation

Once configured, all you have to do is test. Select a test contact and click Test, you should have received your notification, congratulations! Save your webhook and that’s it, you now have a working workflow with HubSpot and Hook.Notifier.

Our notifications has arrived

Zapier to the rescue

Everything we’ve seen above can be done more easily with Zapier. However, depending on your usage, a paid account with Zapier may be required.

We won’t go into all the integration parameters. Please refer directly to the article about Zapier to know everything about Zapier and Hook.Notifier.

Read this article: Get notifications from Zapier


You should now be able to manage to receive notifications from HubSpot, many uses are possible, feel free to test and let the magic happen!

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